Political Corruption in India

india is a big countary there are many problems like population,polution,unemployment,and also political corruption is a most problem in india we learn about the indian political corruption below in this article.
Political corruption is worst in India. The major cause of concern is that corruption is weakening the political body and damaging the supreme importance of the law governing the society. Nowadays politics is only for criminals and criminals are meant to be in politics. Elections in many parts of the country have become associated with a host of criminal activities.
Threatening voters to vote for a particular candidate or physically prevent voters from going in to the polling booth – especially weaker sections of the society like tribal’s, dalits and rural woman occurs frequently in several parts of the country. Tax evasion is one of the most popular forms of corruption.
It is mostly practiced by Government officials and politicians who lead to the accumulation of black money which in turn spoils the moral of the people.CBI has registered over 1,450 cases of alleged corruption during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 (till March 31, 2012), it has registered 1,451 cases under the prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.
Out of these 1,451 cases, 464 were trap cases. 2012 marks 60 years since the first Indian general election. In this time, the Election Commission of India has come a long way in ensuring the conduct of free and fair elections at various levels, -thus cementing its reputation as one of the most respected constitutional bodies in recent times.
Inspite of its reputation, elections have become perhaps the biggest source of corruption in the country. Inevitably, the proceeds of corruption worms its way into funding election campaigns. So much so, that the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution, 2001 noted that “electoral compulsions for funds become the foundation of the whole superstructure of corruption”.
In more recent developments, surprisingly, none of the various Lokpal bills address the issue of electoral corruption. While the apparent silence of the politicians on this issue is understood, one can only speculate as to why Team Anna and various other non-governmental bodies pitching for a strong Lokpal have remained silent on this issue.
Reforms, if any, have come from the judiciary and the Election Commission. Two such measures stand out: firstly, the 2003 Order of the Supreme Court of India in “PUCL v. Union of India” mandating that all electoral candidates submit an affidavit disclosing their assets, liabilities and criminal records, and, secondly, the usage of electronic voting machines (EVM’s) that have greatly helped in tackling vote rigging.
However, mere directives and enforcement by the Election Commission and Supreme Court are insufficient. In about 2008, pursuant an order of the Chief Information Commission declaring political parties as ‘public authorities’, the parties submitted detailed balance sheets indicating the availability of funds, income and expenditure incurred by them.
The results reveal that national parties like the Congress and BJP had incomes of Rs. 240 and 220 Crore respectively in the year 2010. This figure is measly when compared to the fact that the Election Commission itself estimated that over Rs.3500 Crores ($750 million) was paid in bribes during the elections in five Indian states in April and May 2011.
Here is our pick of the 10 most allegedly corrupt politicians of India.
Suresh Kalmadi
Suresh Kalmadi, almost single handedly caused a loss of hundreds of crores of rupees to the country. The Commonwealth Games, organized by Kalmadi was no less than a loot with numerous reports of the magnum opus event being soaked in corruption making headlines way before the Games had even started. Apparently, out of Rs. 70000 crores spent on the Games, only half of the amount was actually spent. Owing to his involvement in the scam, Kalmadi was charged with corruption and sent to Tihar jail.
A. Raja
A scam worth Rs. 176,000 crore had former Union Cabinet Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Andimuthu Raja at the centre. A. Raja as he is generally called, was the prime accused in the 2G spectrum scam, which was the largest that the country had seen in a long time. Following the shocking exposure, Raja was indicted and forced to resign. Presently, he is too has been lodged at the Tihar jail and is awaiting his trial.
Mayawati has always been criticized for ostentatious display of power in her state. She has allegedly used her status as chief minister to amass large amounts of personal wealth. She was charged with corruption when the Taj Heritage Corridor Case was uncovered. Mayawati's birthdays have often been media events, where she usually appears decked in diamond jewellery and also accepts public donations for which, she often comes under fire. Her assets are allegedly worth millions of dollars and in the year 2007-08, she had reportedly paid an income tax of Rs. 26 crores, which placed her amongst the top 20 taxpayers of the year.
Lalu Prasad Yadav
The fact that Lalu Prasad Yadav has been an accused in 63-odd cases serves for the fact that Lalu stands as one of the strongest competitor in the list. The biggest scam that rocked Lalu's political career was the fodder scam which involved the embezzlement of Rs. 950 crore approximately. The accusation of nepotism against him has come up time and again but hardly any action has been taken against him owing to his alleged 'connections' in the government.
Madhu Koda
Former Jharkand Chief Minister, and only the third independent legislator to assume the office of chief minister in India, Madhu Koda was responsible for a scam worth over Rs. 4000 crore. The man reportedly exploited the state's natural resources by licensing illegal mining leases and stashing away the wealth amassed during the undertaking. Furthermore, the Maoists were said to have received a 30% share of the booty. Koda was arrested on charges of money laundering and is still in prison following the rejection of numerous bail applications.
Mulayam Singh Yadav
Mulayam Singh Yadav is also accused as being one of the most corrupt ministers in the country despite not being directly involved in any major scams. Apart from his name being involved in appointments of tainted officers and mishandling of his power as chief minister, Mulayam Singh had one major allegation levelled against him– accumulation of disproportionate assets. The case drew limelight on his sons and daughter-in-law as they too were holders of the assests that amounted to crores of rupees.
The corruptions charges against M. Karunanidhi are so many that he is often referred to as the king or emperor of corruption. He was accused of lending support to the LTTE and was indicted for abetting the LTTE in the initial interim report which oversaw the investigation into Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.
Karunanidhi reportedly institutionalized corruption in the South. He was said to be a leading player in the cash for votes scams that are common in the southern region, as well as notorious for extreme nepotism shown under his rule. Not so surprising, is the fact that the main accused in the 2G scam, A, Raja, considers him to be his mentor.
Sharad Pawar
Very few people can miss the cosy relationship that Sharad Pawar shares with power and money that has been reported time and again. Every now and then, Pawar draws flak for alleged investments made by him and his family in various illegal projects. He was named by Abdul Karim Telgi, during a narcoanalysis test, stating that it was Pawar's brainchild to print fake stamp papers across the country and mint money. He was also accused in a multi-crore scam involving wheat imports and institutions headed by him and his close associates were served notices by the Bombay High Court for showing favoritism to his family.
The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has a staggering 46 corruption cases against her. Amongst the various scams were the Rs. 70 million coal import scam, Tansi land deal case, case of disproportionate assets and colour TV case, amongst many others. A raid in her residence and business establishments reportedly led to the seizure of some 28 kg of jewellery (worth Rs 51 crore), 91 wrist-watches, 41 air-conditioners, 10,500 sarees, 750 pairs of footwears, etc. She along with her former cabinet colleagues and senior bureaucrats who worked with her are still facing investigation with regard to corruption.
BS Yeddyurappa
The most recent politician to be caught in the web of corruption is former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B. S. Yeddyurappa. While he allegedly has a number of corruption cases lying against him, the one that toppled his career was his alleged involvement in the illegal iron ore export scam in various districts of Karnataka. A lot of blame game followed and ended up with Yeddyurappa losing his ministerial post last month. Despite his denial, his image as one of the most corrupt politicians of the country that has been built, will not fade anytime soon.
You learn about indian political corruption and about 10 political corrupted leader in india in this article know more about indian political system see the next article.

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